Obsess over quality but spoiler, it's hard! Invest beforehand by thinking through features (like Lago), address complexity and differentiate them enough. And remember, nothing beats fast execution
Learn why user research may be a waste of time in some situations, how owning what you don't know can lead to efficiency, to embrace silence and how…
Discover how Figma won the market and designer's hearts, how to prioritise better, how to react to unfair feedback and learn more on AI
Learn how to improve your discovery interviews by not asking questions, a few good principles and how "the browser company" works on its wonderfully…
Learn more about Shape Up, how to drop estimates, and why demos are so important to build great products. Or even market them.
Learn how to co-operate with your stakeholders to prioritize work, how Notion use their own product, how to add "juice" in your software, and more...
Learn to prioritize beyond "magical" frameworks, how to use OKR w/ opportunity trees, why you should stop getting out of the way, and more...
Learn why strategy needs to acknowledge intuition & lead to better prioritization methods, how to conduct user research, why Alan Baby mobile app was…
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