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  • Short: I will always choose quality over quantity and never go over 5 links.

  • Relevant, not new: I’ve been working in product-related fields for years. I’ll share with you the most insightful content, from 10 years ago or yesterday. Timeless advice only.

  • Humans, not algorithms: everything I’ve shared, I’ve read it and is of some help for my day to day job.

Who’s behind Productverse?

I'm Olivier Courtois, a product maker for 10y+. I share Product Management & Design resources to help you be productive, think critically, and improve your product sense.

When I'm not writing, I’m building a product for gen-z communication (@uku.wtf) or coaching product makers & leaders. Previously, I’ve been VP Product @ comet & Product Director @ ManoMano.


Q: Why are you sending this newsletter?

A: For a decade I've been reading 100+ articles a week!

I first started this newsletter to coach my team. During the first lockdown of 2020, I decided to make a public version because I firmly believe that being part of a community is the best way to learn.


Q: What is in for me?

A: I now bring the best content to your inbox. You'll find interesting reads, personal growth tips & useful tools to improve your craft.

Here a few examples of the most popular content shared yet:


Q: How do you curate this newsletter?

A: Simple as three steps.

  1. I follow the best thinkers of our space on Twitter and through their respectives newsletters/blogs. Thanks to mailbrew, I receive their content twice a week in digests.

  2. I scan all the content (without reading thoroughly) and save everything interesting in Pocket with a “productverse” tag. Note that I’ve been saving content there for 10y.

  3. Every other week, I read thoroughly a few saved articles and compose the newsletter. And voilà!


Q: Do you offer consulting or coaching?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the reviews for Productverse?

A: Since january 2021, readers have rated the editions 4.5 out of 5 on average.

Here is what some readers shared with me:

  • Usually it’s a sharp mail packed with insightful content & Olivier’s comments adding perspective to each subject. I’m clearly a promoter! — Christophe Lamperti, CPO & CoFounder @Double

  • The Productverse newsletter curates high-quality content and sends them to your inbox. I like that it highlights the "usual" US content - but also the great content created by the French product community. It's simple, efficient and I recommend it to everyone interested in Product Management. No need to pay for MTP newsletter anymore! — Pauline Marol, Head of Product @Playplay

  • Productverse is a "snack" made in France that will re-ignite your taste for newsletters, especially if you are a junior or mid-level product manager. — Axel Sooriah, Host @Productsquad

  • We find a lot of content on Product Management online but ProductVerse gives me the most interesting ones directly in my mailbox. I can't help but recommend it! — Benjamin Retourné, VP Product @Blablacar

  • I recommend Olivier's newsletter to everyone who is already into product management. His curation promotes highly relevant content while summarising the key highlights in a few words. Bonus point: I especially appreciate his focus on discovery, which is usually overlooked. — Pierre Fournier, CEO @Will & ex-CPO @ManoMano

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Level up your craft: 5 links to help you become a better product maker. Delivered every month, so you can spend less time searching, and more time learning.


10y+ in product, co-founder of https://uku.wtf (reinventing gen-z communication), coach & advisor https://ocourtois.fr